Lecture Videos

Here I will provide a link to all of the screencast videos for the module. Physical lectures take place in this module from 2pm to 5pm on Thursdays in Q121 (Business School).

I record a desktop video of each lecture and will place it online 1-2 working days after. The delay is because it takes several hours for each video to be transcoded into MP4 format before it can be uploaded. If I have to be off campus it also takes quite a while for the video to be uploaded from home when I return. Anyway, I will do my best to upload the video as soon as possible after the lecture.

These videos are raw videos that are recorded live and I will make mistakes; however, hopefully they will be a good reference when studying for examinations and assignments.

You can download these videos by using the download icon in the top right-hand-side of the viewing page.
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Lecture NumberLink
EE402 Week1 Part1 View the Lecture 
EE402 Week1 Part2 View the Lecture 
EE402 Week2 Part1 View the Lecture 
EE402 Week2 Part2 View the Lecture 
EE402 Week3 Part1 View the Lecture 
EE402 Week3 Part2 View the Lecture 
EE402 Week4 Part1 View the Lecture 
EE402 Week4 Part2 View the Lecture 
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