9.5 Exercise for you

An Exercise for You. The Image Loader Application

Task: Write an Image Loader Application as shown in Figure 9.31, “The Image Loader Application”. The Toolbar should have two functions, Load Image and Close all Images. The Load Image should call up a file chooser as shown in Figure 9.32, “The Image Loader Application (with File Chooser open)”. The internal windows should display the name of the file, the image size and the size of the file from which it was loaded. The internal windows should be minimizable, maximizable, closable and iconifable. The main window should have a status label that displays details of the application as it runs. Use any image file. Finally when the close all button is pressed the application should prompt the user to see if this is correct as in Figure 9.33, “The Image Loader Application (with confirm on close)”.

Figure 9.31. The Image Loader Application

Figure 9.32. The Image Loader Application (with File Chooser open)

Figure 9.33. The Image Loader Application (with confirm on close)

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