Course Notes

Object-Oriented Programming with Embedded Systems

Dr Derek Molloy
Associate Professor, School of Electronic Engineering,
Dublin City University.

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Document Format Information

The notation in this document is as follows:

  • class is represented as SomeClass, an interface by SomeInterface and and exception by SomeException - All classes, interfaces and exceptions begin with a capital letter and further words in the name are also capitalised. If a class, interface or exception is underlined (hyperlinked) then you can follow the link to the API documentation directly, so for example String will display the Java API documentation for the String class. This is linked to the SUN site, so you will have to remain on-line to use this feature. It will open the pages in a new window (always the same one).

  • An object is represents as someObject - All objects begin with a lower-case letter and further words in the object name are capitalised.

  • method is represented as someMethod() even if it has parameters. All methods begin with a lower-case letter.

  • In general language a literal is given as public, a type as int, and a variable as someInt.

  • command, such as at the DOS prompt is represented as javac for example.

  • filename is represented as SomeFile.txt.

  • If something is important it is represented like this.

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