Module EE402 - Object-oriented Programming with Embedded Systems 2020/21

Derek Molloy is responsible for this module - a 7.5 credit module in Object-oriented Programming (OOP) that applies the techniques of OOP to engineering applications including embedded systems. This module is taken by students in the School of Electronic Engineering, Dublin City University, Ireland.

The materials here support the  weekly lectures and provides the materials that are needed for the assignments. Please see DCU Loop for further materials to support the module. 

Module Outcomes:

  1. Analyse unseen real-world software systems challenges and develop structured solutions, involving the design of object-oriented classes and class hierarchies using formal object-oriented analysis and design models
  2. Implement such solutions in the C++ and Java programming languages with attention to future design needs and robust operation
  3. Design solutions that abstract data type through the use of approaches such as STL and generics
  4. Apply low-level and high-level software algorithms in the design of engineering systems
  5. Explain the differences between and uses of different object-oriented languages; choose a correct implementation language for the engineering problem
  6. Discuss methodologies for applying object-oriented concepts to develop solutions for real-world software implementation challenges; choose the correct methodology for a given problem
  7. Design a software application for test and reliability
  8. Develop threaded network applications from first principles that use object-oriented concepts to communicate packaged data over TCP/IP; Solve the synchronization issues associated with network computing and design network computing frameworks and solutions
The full module descriptor is available here: Module Descriptor

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